Big Yae returns to music with his newest single, “Hoodie Melo.” The song is produced by OnBeatMusic, and is a hard-hitting anthem that finds Yae shuffling through a variety of flows while singing a catchy hook.

Big Yae marks Hoodie Melo as a turning point in his musical career.

“‘Hoodie Melo’ is the end of an era for me. It’s when I decided to stop making music directly for youth groups. As I am growing up, my music needed to grow up. Hoodie Melo is the final chapter in one phase of my career as I enter into a new journey, a new sound, and new experiences.”

“Hoodie Melo” is the first offering of new music from Culture Villains as they gear up for a plethora of new releases in what the collective describes as a ‘CV Summer’.

Listen to Big Yae Below:

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