Welcome to the second episode of Rapzilla.com’s Top Christian Rap News Recap. We endeavor to grab the best stories from the previous week and give them to you every Monday.

Watch Our Christian Rap News Below:

Kicking off the show is NF. He recently revealed his new project, tour, and single, all called The Search. Read more about that here.

WHATUPRG reveals that he has 4 new projects on the way. So RG fans, rejoice! Read about that here.

Ty Brasel got super creative with the title of his next project. You can view that here.

We did an awesome interview with Ruslan about his career as an artist and creative. Watch that interview now.

With abortion in the news more than ever and the pro-life vs pro-choice arguments mounting, one of our writers took a crack at a Biblical stance to being pro-life. Check that out here.

We continued our discussion with Derek Minor about race with part two of a Black and White Conversation. Listen to that podcast now.

Lastly, we premiered Rik Monteros music video for “Level You.” Watch the video in its entirety at the end of the news show.

This video was made in partnership with Fenix Studios in Staten Island, NY. Fenix is a one-stop shop for any creative looking to rehearse, record, mix, shoot a music video, or even receive audio & technical training. Get more info here.