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Thi’sl Announces New Music is on the Way Soon

It’s been several months since Thi’sl was shot. He survived and has made it his mission to push and fight. Now, he’s preparing to drop his first music since the incident.

See what Thi’sl had to say below:


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When I got shot my leg was stuck at 10 degree bend, it was supposed to be 130, it was basically stuck straight. I had the dopest therapist but even she said, “You need 90 to function, I’ll be happy if we get 110,” I said, “I’m getting 130,” and guess what I got 130! The first time I went in for a monthly check up I asked the nurse, “How long will it take for my leg to heal up, how long before I can jump and run again,” she looked at me knowing she was about to let me down and said, “A year, maybe two,” I said, “I’m gone do it in a year,” she said, okay,” with a “I’ve heard that before look.” Well guess what????? I went in for my check up yesterday and my doctor said, “You’re done, you don’t have to come back no more your bone is completely healed, matter of fact it’s probably stronger than it was before.” It wasn’t a year, it wasn’t two years, it was 7 and a half months!!!!!! ? ? ? ____________________________________________________________? NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU YESHUA! ____________________________________________________________ New Music Dropping June 7th On All Digital Platforms! ____________________________________________________________ #Motivation #Healing #Inspiration #InspirationalQuotes #Thisl #BeatzCoin #SmallThingToAGiant

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We interviewed about the shooting here.

Justin Sarachik
Justin Sarachik
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