“Scared of Fame” by Theo Blue was produced by Brazzy.

“‘Scared of Fame’ captures a time in my life when I went to college in order to run away from some character flaws or situations that made me feel so embarrassed. The thought crossed my mind, ‘what would happen if these embarrassing moments caught up to me and I had never addressed them?’ That thought alone made me scared of fame or virality because it represents a loss of control over my life,” he shared.

He continued, “My hope is that this would inspire others to face their past and their fears because even though we may never be famous – putting us under the world’s microscope – we are always ‘famous’ to God. He’s with us and sees our hearts, for better or worse. The difference is He loves us regardless of our performance. It’s this love that moves us to address our past.”

Listen to Theo Blue Below: