For fans of Christian rap, several names come to mind when considering the hottest current artists at the forefront of the genre. After all, with names like Lecrae and NF, Christian Rap is no longer the rebellious form of Urban worship that it once was. There was once a time in the early stages of CHH when churches not only shunned the art form but downright thought it was evil. With little support from the secular world and even less support in the church, Christian Hip Hop could have easily been a quick fad that never took root, but thanks to a select few who persevered through the trials, CHH is alive and well today.

One of the many forefathers/veterans of CHH was not only a member of the Grapetree Records brand (where he released five albums with the label back in the ’90s), but he is still active as both an emcee and the owner of Houston based Javo Records.

Dove Award nominee, Lil Raskull (Ras) has enjoyed a long career that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Seen among many in the Houston, Texas rap scene as a legend ahead of his time; Ras has never been afraid to speak his mind and touch on important social issues all the while keeping Christ at the forefront of his mission.

In 2012 Ras earned his Bachelor’s degree in political science with the hope of one day pursuing a career in law. Even between his study time, he stayed active in making music, booking spot dates and spreading the gospel via prison ministry. This is something he’s made a priority in his life to continue to do.

Lil Raskull

“I have always throughout my entire career done prison ministry,” said Ras, “I love rapping for the incarcerated. Those guys and girls are open, and they appreciate people who come (to visit).”

Lil Raskull is currently working on releasing his 11th studio project titled: The Don Robey album, named in honor of a black Jewish music executive that came up in the 5th ward district of Houston, which is Ras‍’ stomping grounds.

The Don Robey album was created out of respect to a man who Ras feels shared a lot of similarities with him, both personally and professionally. The lead single from The Don Robey album is titled “Start Over,” and is already out on digital media outlets for you to check out.

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