The cat’s out the bag, Danielle Apicella is joining RMG as their first female on the roster. She’s also not a rapper either, but rather a singer. This is overall a dope move by the label headed by Doc Watson and Derek Minor.

We were first introduced to Apicella with “Can’t Save a Soul” featuring nobigdyl. and “Why Oh Why” with WHATUPRG. She also did a track with Noah Schatz and Aaron Dews.

“Danielle is really amazing,” Watson said. “Her heart and character go along with her talent. I don’t see a ceiling with her, we are so excited to about her.”

“Even though they haven’t had a singer or a female on the label yet, I know how much work they put into just having me there,” said the New York native. “That makes me feel really comfortable going into it. Honestly, I’m honored.”

She continued, “Looking around at the world right now, I don’t want to make music that doesn’t have any eternal value.”

Apicella’s first release on RMG will be the single “Silly Girl,” an R&B-infused track about heartbreak and learning to have wisdom with who you give your heart to.