Bizzle Responds to Joyner Lucas’ ‘Devil’s Work’ Among Divided Opinions

Bizzle has always been about the smoke. When it comes to defending the faith on wax, the God Over Money general has no qualms about setting your favorite rappers straight. From delivering the greatest Jay-Z response since “Ether” in his debut to lyrically checking Tyler the Creator, Lil B, and Kanye West for blasphemous comments in their records, to his “Same Love” response which saw him receive death threats for addressing the LGBTQ agenda in the media. Bizzle has never been the type to hold his tongue when it comes to speaking the truth. So when Joyner Lucas dropped his latest record “Devil’s Work,” the H-town born emcee took no time to respond with a record of his own.

Based on how God responded to Job in the book of Job Chapters 38-41, Bizzle tackled many of Joyner’s statements, painting a picture of God’s Sovereignty while communicating to Mr. Lucas that he, like the rest of humanity, doesn’t possess the authority to question God.

Many took to social media to praise the record for his aggressive response, as many felt Joyner was attacking our Heavenly Father in his song and needed to be corrected. But few disagreed with the response.

In the music video, we see Joyner enter into a church, drinking a bottle of Henny with a Bible in hand. He begins to aggressively question God’s decision for allowing “good people” to die while leaving others who he feels would be better off six feet deep. After almost five minutes of venting his emotions, he comes to the lyrics below:

“I’ve been drinkin’, Lord forgive me, it’s my blood racin’
I don’t know what I’m thinking, I’m just frustrated
I don’t mean to question you, I’m just confused
I don’t know what else to do, I’ve been patient and it sucks waiting
Took my mans from me, that forever hurts
But puttin’ the blame on you, that’d never work
I know this ain’t your fault, it’s the devil’s work…”

After these bars, we see Joyner exiting the church, gripping the same Bible he’s been holding for most of the video, leaving the liquor and his burdens behind at the altar. Was this a man that was disrespecting God or a lost and broken-hearted man crying out for answers? Unlike Hopsin, who was purposely blasphemous towards the Father in his infamous “Illmind of Hopsin 7” record, Joyner approached the song as someone whose faith has been shaken by events he doesn’t understand. It is for that reason that many feel that Bizzle’s response was unnecessary.

Many believers and few CHH outlets saw the Joyner Lucas song as an attack on God, overlooking the heart cry of a man desperate for answers. As believers we are able to take comfort in knowing that Jesus is the Answer, but how can anyone find the answer if there is no question to ask? As someone who lost a father to Lupus and a pregnant fiance to Leukemia all before 23, I can understand where Joyner is coming from. However, as a Christian, I can look back on all that has happened and see God’s hands at work in those dark times.

We are able to stand still and know that He is God, finding peace in the midst of a world gone mad. Bizzle’s record was a powerful answer to the questions many have in today’s climate, and regardless of whether you feel like his response was necessary or not, God is still in control.

Let us continue to pray that Joyner Lucas finds the peace he’s looking for in Christ.

Listen to Bizzle and Joyner Lucas Below:


Written by Richard Cutright

Richard Cutright is a full-time motivational speaker, part time battle rapper and serves as a member of the CHH Ginyu Force, better known as the JustHis League.

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