After his manager Del Mustafa went behind Mineo’s back, Andy Mineo announced last week he will release an album titled Work In Progress. The album will contain 11 tracks of songs Mineo never released for various reasons.

The first single, “Keepin it Movin” with Guvna B is out now!

Watch Andy Mineo’s Announcement Below:

Andy Mineo














1. Podcast-clip-1.wav
2. Reflections rough w_horns & break.mp3
4. Keepin it movin am & guv demo.mp3
5. Podcast-clip-3.wav
7. Podcast-clip-4.wav
8. 1988 REMAKE 2_Nottz_42North.wav
9. Podcast-clip-5.wav
10. Anything But Country (break beat_no trap version).mp3
11. Podcast-clip-6.wav
12. another me 3/7 NEW (Gawvi remake).mp3
13. Podcast-clip-7.wav
14. Til Death (no guitars) bounce.mp3
15. Podcast-clip-8.wav
16. So gone Easy DaveJ V1.4.mp3
17. Podcast-clip-9.wav
18. Honest 2 God Tyshane/DSTL 1.0.mp3
19. Podcast-clip-10.wav
20. I ain’t done (beam version).aif
21. Podcast-clip-11.wav
22. Family Photo second half idea 2 (joel draft).aif

Mineo also plans on releasing the Work In Progress Podcast to accompany the album. The podcast will discuss the tracks and various themes such as the creative process and self-limiting systems. Episodes will drop once every three weeks on Fridays.

Watch the Work In Progress Podcast Below:

Check out the track Andy Mineo released from Work In Progress here.