Aldre is “Breaking the Silence,” and has a lot to say.

With so much controversy around CHH and the type of music being pushed in the community, a lot of people along with my self have had questions about the authenticity of it at times.

CHH is pushing for growth and that’s understandable, we need that. But within myself, I have struggled with a few things and have for a while and finally decided to make a song about it. I touch on issues from culturally as a black male coming from the hip hop community to seeing a lack of black leadership within the CHH Community (maybe there is and I’m not seeing it, I could be wrong). Also seeing some favoritism within CHH.

I’m not claiming to be right or have all the answers but having anger that is righteous but possibly sinful but we as the artists must allow the creativity to flow and that’s what I did.
The song is raw and real and I don’t hold back but my goal isn’t to harm even though things that are said may cause controversy. We strive for excellence and I know some are with platforms and their artistry but I feel there are very few do so sticking to the script of truly honoring God but honoring self.

Listen to Aldre Below: