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15 Christian Rap Artists Who Sing as Well as They Rap

Rapping well and dope beats are great, but what can really separate an artist from the pack is their singing ability. So Rapzilla compiled a list of artists who can do both exceedingly well.

15. Mogli The Iceburg

Starting off the list is the emo-embracing Mogli The Iceburg. It’s clear after his projects Let’s Talk About Our Feelings and Sad People Make Dope Music the artist has a personal love for the emo/metal scene. The album also features his scratchy vocals and metal growl. Go give this guy some love and listen; he gave himself an hernia pursuing his passions.

14. Jered Sanders

Before Jered Sanders entered into Christian rap, he strove to become an R&B artist. God called him to move to CHH though, where Sanders has flourished. While he mostly drops hard bars, I’m sure he could drop a powerful track with just his vocals anytime he wants.

13. NF

The underground mainstream artist likes to balance his harsh rap tone with some of his own vocals. NF usually saves his singing for his softer songs. While he isn’t the best singer on this list, he uses his voice often and well to provide a different vibe to his emotional, raw music.


Not only can the 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen drop Spanish bars, but he can throw down vocals Latino style. WHATUPRG hasn’t used it often with his own music but has been featured singing on many tracks.

11. Th3 Saga

That’s right; the battle rapper can hit those notes too. It shouldn’t be a surprise though. Th3 Saga has an unmatched musical live performance that makes you see his talent. It’s obvious he is a practiced vocalist because there not much processing on those vocals either.

10. Byron Juane

Listening to Byron Juane’s tracks, his main genre could be mistaken for R&B. The RMG signee has a unique style of a sing-song rap flow. Hear it yourself to know what I mean. Regardless, when he does sing normally, it’s apparent God has gifted him.

9. Aaron Cole

This young artist has the most diverse musical talent on this list. Aaron Cole has produced thought-provoking rap joints to fun pop records. No matter what beat he creates, however, he can back it up with his voice. He is only 20 years old, so keep an eye on him. His best is yet to come.

8. adriansings

As his name suggests, adrian can sing. He likes to sing his choruses and uses the sing/rap vocal combination. While this guy has the lowest numbers compared to everyone else on this list, his numbers do not mean he isn’t a skilled artist. Give this guy a listen beyond the track above.

7. Angie Rose

Angie Rose doesn’t need any autotune for her voice. She has a sweet tone that could carry a song by itself. Fortunately, Rose likes to do just that. She has created a few acoustic remakes of her songs that mostly feature her voice, with rapping as a supporting sound.

6. Joey Vantes

Joey Vantes’ style is something unique within Christian Hip-Hop. Vantes usually incorporates an echo into his voice. At other times, he injects so much autotune that his voice sounds more like a computer-generated sound than singing. Vantes aims for a certain vibe with his voice, which has become his signature sound (pun intended).

5. Andy Mineo

The first song you thought of was Lecrae’s “Background” featuring Andy Mineo, right? It’s ok, me too. He sings on his own tracks too, however. Mineo is mostly known for his rap style and lyrical content. He uses singing, however, to give variety to his music. His sound quality can compare to how Mac Miller sang; the natural rap slang while hitting the pitches right.

4. A.I. The Anomaly

A somewhat new artist on the Christian Hip Hop scene, A.I. The Anomaly is an underrated female artist. Her first album Sever Threads dropped in 2017, and it contains some clean vocals alongside her solid bars. She sings just a few of her choruses, but she hits each one with precision and clarity.

3. Sevin

Even though he’s retired from music, we got to include this OG on the list. Underneath the face tattoos and dreads hides a simple, but effective voice that doesn’t need any studio help. While he doesn’t use it often, Sevin brings out his voice when he wants to.

2. Sean C. Johnson

If anyone could claim the crown of best singer in CHH, Sean C. Johnson could definitely go for it. More of an R&B artist than rapper, Johnson can go from soft and smooth (which he usually opts to do) to loud and booming. There’s not much more a singer could have skill-wise.

1. Christon Gray

Christon Gray is known for singing beautifully on most of his tracks. He usually couples his voice with a piano, and the combination is unrivaled in Christian rap. As for his voice quality; well, it speaks for itself. He arguably has the best voice in Christian Hip-Hop.

Who do you think utilizes their voice the best? Who did we miss that you think should be on this list? Comment below your answers!



Written by Edward Boice

Edward Boice is a freelance journalist who, like every other writer without a fortune, is grinding hourly to keep a writing career in a video-obsessed world. Mostly known for his role of copy editor at, he also writes for local newspapers and press releases for music artists. Whenever he's not hunched over a computer typing methodically, Boice is playing a board or card game with his wife and friends or jamming to Christian Rap and Post-Hardcore.

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