WHATUPRG and Kevin Hackett collaborated together in the magazine Culdasac. The focus surrounds the release of Raul. The digital magazine features a detailed Q&A with RG and his brother Saul moderated by Hackett. It also features some behind the scenes and personal photos of RG and a bunch of his peers.

Toward the end of the article, RG is asked about what’s coming next, to which he replies, “Musically I’m working on ‘New Hollywood’.” He then says he considers it his “debut album.” You’d have to figure New Hollywood continues the “dreams and aspirations” story of Lil Holy from Pleasant Hill.

Either way, check out the interview in Culdasac. It’s a great read and look into WHATUPRG. Read it here.

Read our piece about the message of Raul here.

Listen to WHATUPRG Below: