On March 31st, 2019 activist, artist, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed and his death took the world by storm. Nipsey was more than just a rapper. His hard-hitting music reflected the environment that molded him yet he was serious on empowering his community to rise up from broken circumstances. Many members of the CHH community reflected and mourned his passing while also celebrating his impact that went beyond music.

Some artists simply responded in shock and offered up prayers:

Many commented on the powerful legacy he left behind musically and personally:


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@nipseyhussle was pushing something bigger than music.

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Artists also spoke on the injustice of Nipsey’s death:

Joey Vantes, who had his latest project Legends Never Die prepped for an April drop, delayed it out of respect for the late rapper:

On The Red Couch Podcast, Propaganda gave a stirring story of why Nipsey’s death impacted him heavily and urged listeners to remember the spirit and intelligence of Nipsey’s career (edited and modified for brevity; check out Prop’s full unadulterated thoughts on his podcast episode entitled “My Chemical Bromance”).

“It’s the understatement of the year to call him [Nipsey] an LA rapper. If you Google him and hear his interviews, you hear his wisdom, forward-thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “Nipsey understood the importance of owning property and investing in his community. There was a project that Nipsey was a part of called Vector90 that was a shared workspace that he put in the middle of the hood. There’s his store, Marathon Clothing, where he used to work at where he would hire local kids.”

Prop continued, “He owned multiple businesses, he was starting a STEM Program for inner-city kids, he was starting programs that would help kids learn to code…you don’t see any stories of him getting caught up in somebody’s Instagram Live, being an internet gangster, or being caught up in some sort of scandal with a woman. He was with his lifelong girlfriend and two children and was a family man. He was everything we are encouraged to be as young African-Americans. Granted his music is not for everybody. It’s very street…but so was he.”

“It’s also very intelligent and so was he. Nipsey understood business and understood that when you see different you do different. He understood that it wasn’t about gaining power and jewelry but about empowering people around him. His death hit me hard because he was from the same streets I was from. I look at Nipsey and see myself. I see a lot of young men who needed to see something new. He took something that was meant to destroy him and made it a superpower.”

Nipsey’s murder is a tragedy but the impact he left behind can’t be ignored. A final world from Taelor Gray perfectly captures the reality of the pain of his passing but also points to the hope that is to come.

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