Mateo Centeno “Same Dream” for free download is out now. He explains the song…

“This song is about an experience I had about feeling confused and hopeless. In the moment, it seemed to make no sense to me and at one point had literally crying over the piano,” he said. “The concept of the term ‘same dream’ refers to a very specific situation for me in which I believed I shared the same dream and same feelings with this incredible girl. I found myself in a season of pain and losing hope for what I thought was such a clear depiction of our future.”

He continued, “The worst part was that I didn’t understand why; I received no explanation and found myself confused. This whole time, she seemed oblivious to my pain. Yet through this experience, I learned not to overthink things and to rely on God for my peace. I did some of my greatest growth during the period of this song and it offered me a new perspective in life.”

Listen to Mateo Centeno Below:

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