Kevi Morse recently came clean about some things he was dealing with personally. He boldly came online and shared that he was expecting his first child with his girlfriend. He admitted his faults, owned up to the situation, and publicly asked for forgiveness. Morse didn’t have to do any of this, but his internal character required him to do so.

After taking about a month off from social media and music to “refocus,” he is back. He wants to share his story and let others in certain situations know, “It’ll be okay.”

Rapzilla: How did finding out you were going to be a father affect your goals for the future?

Kevi Morse: When I heard I was going to be a father it moved me so much I started thinking about how it would affect my career. Like how I had lined up with future labels or even the production flow of my music. I think what I did was cause a revolution in the young hearts of the CHH community with my honest moment.

RZ: As you dealt with guilt and/or fear at this news, what was something that you were able to lean on?

KM: I was able to lean on a few friends, talked weeks with a couple from my church on how to move forward. As a man, I figured so much out in one month that would take years for others to figure out. Fear is not of God and I trust God wholeheartedly with everything I do. So yes I was shaken up but never feared too much because I understand in life it’s about how you get back up after the fall and after the shaming that matters. Honestly, I’m embracing the moment now.

RZ: Dealing with incarcerations on top of other life-changing news is a lot to take in. How do you properly convey a peace and “God’s will” mentality to those going through this experience?

KM: Well to be honest with the incarcerations, I’m still battling. I’m hoping that my family who is behind bars cling to Jesus. What’s awesome is that every time I get a phone call from my father who is serving a long bid, we talk about ”faith” and the power that God has over the final word of others. So the seed is planted, I’m just ready to see grow. My peace right now comes from knowing that no matter what happens, God will always be a part of the situation.

Kevi Morse

RZ: You’ve grown as a man. What would you say is the biggest change or realization?

KM: The biggest change or realization for me has been reflecting where I’ve come and how a lot of people didn’t make it out where I’m from. It makes me not only grateful but motivated to encourage others who hang their heads down in pity blaming God for everything that’s gone wrong in life. My perspective on things have changed, priorities have shifted.

RZ: You took a bit of a break to refocus and unplug. Would you encourage others to do that and why?

KM: I would highly encourage people to step back from anything if it gives you a bit of a cloudy vision. When it’s time to step back up you can see things clearer. The break was bigger than music. It was about getting my soul intake and going to my prayer closet and realizing that it’s fine to take the back seat, breathe. When you’re ready kick everything back in drive. I feel great now!

RZ: What is coming next for Kevi Morse now that you’re back?

KM: What you can expect from me is an ALBUM OR EP AND INTERVIEWS VLOGS. I have so much to offer in this season. I want to keep some a surprise but want you all to just get ready!

RZ: What would you like our readers to pray for specifically?

KM: Pray for my strength and endurance in this season!

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