The JustHis League, the Voltron Force of Christian Rap, are back at it with their new Avengers movie inspired ‘Endgame‘ EP. Tackling the Infinity Stones in a unique way, the Charlotte NC collective bring a new perspective to Thanos’ weapon of choice.

“The Mind creates the Reality that we live in, but given Time and Space we can search our Soul to find true Power.”

1. Mind ft. Pop, D. Jax & Osso Grizzly
2. Reality ft. Phresh & Rapture
3. Time ft. Chosen & Warborn
4. Space ft. E. Quipped, B. Meads, Glassez Tha Emcee & Ike Hill
5. Soul ft. Richie Rust, Cutright & J-Remy
6. Power ft. E.R.I.C The Trailblazer