Dope Christian Clothing Brands 2019

Dope Christian Clothing Brands That You Need to Check Out

We live in a society where you have to gain someone’s interest to ever gain their ear. With so many options in the clothing business, it takes a significant brand to stand out. These 5 brands are doing that in excellence.

Jesus Loves You Co.

A small company with a global message of “turning the conversation around.” The Jesus Loves You team is working to take what has become a “cliche” statement (Jesus Loves Me,) and turn it the opposite direction, (Jesus Loves You) through their high-quality clothing, and simplistic designs. Their focuses are on three things: Conversations. Relationships. Eternities. We chose them because we believe they bring a fresh look to a crowded market and because we see the heart in their movement.

What is your process for designing new pieces?
Convictions. We design off of our own convictions. Not what is cool or hype or the normal thing to do. The majority of the time, we just have an idea hit us from a conversation we’re having and say, “We have to put that on a piece.” A few weeks later… it’s sold out.

What is one dream in the company that seems crazy, but you are believing will happen?
We believe that we will pack out The Tabernacle venue in Atlanta, GA with a conference where we will preach the gospel, minister to the homeless, and bring a new way of love to a city that needs it.

Toughest challenge you faced in starting and running a successful business?
Not second guessing ourselves. It’s so easy to have a great idea, and then talk yourself out of it because all of the “what if’s.” If you just design and build off your convictions…you’ll succeed.

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CXXII Apparel

Based on Romans 12:2, CXXII creates the perfect mix of scripture & streetwear. With a wide a variety of both simplistic and abstract designs all on quality clothing, they are on our list because their pieces are unique, and we love their message.

What are the processes for designing new pieces?
When we start to develop new designs for CXXII Apparel it is something that happens organically because we are intentional with using scripture to develop the designs & collections we release. So a lot of times I can be sitting at church or at home putting together the Verse of the Day’s (that we post every morning on our Instagram page) and the scripture will just be revealed to me. With the verse in mind, it allows me to start to work on different concepts and the style of the design I would like to make. Over the years we have been able to work with many amazing artists that have been able to contribute to our brand.

What is one dream in the company that seems crazy, but you are believing will happen?
We would love for our apparel to continue to be conversation pieces that can lead people to Christ. Along with that being able to be a Blessing to the missions we support, it is honestly the driving force behind the brand and brings me and those who support CXXII the most joy.
I pray that God continues to open doors and unique opportunities to share our visions with those we meet and come into contact with.

Toughest challenge you faced in starting and running a successful business?
The toughest challenge starting out would be learning all the business details, unless you have a good mind to keep things organized and straight it can get overwhelming for someone.
The best thing you can do it do the research and educate yourself as much as possible or reach out and find people locally that run similar businesses to help you learn what you need.

I would also like to encourage anyone who is reading this that when I have faced the challenges of growing CXXII that it couldn’t have been done without seeking God in prayer. God can put people in your life that can encourage you, give you advice and teach you the things you may need to learn.

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Raised Brand Co.

“A Brand For The Community.” That is exactly what Raised Brand Company is. They have two main focuses: 1.) Fund Kingdom-Minded Missions 2.) Help The Communities. They are doing this by putting out quality clothing, as well as building a team of creatives in all areas to push the heart of the company.

What is your process for designing new pieces?
Growing up in Los Angeles, I was mixed up in so many different cultures and styles, from graffiti, hip hop, punk rock, to the surf and skate scenes. All of these have influenced me as an artist and designer. I still tap into these influences as I work on designs but only now my main influence is my Faith. I constantly remind myself that we live in a time where representing what we believe is a powerful choice. I hope to design products that will be the start of a conversation that will allow us to invite folks to COME ALIVE and live RAISED LIVES.

What is one dream in the company that seems crazy, but you are believing will happen?
My dream is to purchase a building here in Los Angeles providing creative workspaces for artists to rent out. In collaboration with these same artists, my desire is to reach out to the community by investing in them and serving them, all while impacting their lives with the Gospel. By giving the community the opportunity to learn different creative trades, they will also be provided with basic life skills. The hope is to provide free classes in a variety of arts: Screen Printing, Designing, Photography and much more.

Toughest challenge you faced in starting and running a successful business?
Man, finding the time to make it all happen. Being a husband, father to a two-year-old with one on the way, as well as a full-time employee at UCLA as a graphic designer has made it more challenging. Making the time to turn dreams into reality and connecting with the right people can make for a big task.

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Temple NY

“The brand with the crown of thorns.” Temple NY is a faith-based streetwear company that is committed to creating positive social changes to believers and non-believers through Christian hip hop and fashion culture. We loved their simplistic look, and quality pieces that together make a brand you should know about. They also have an opportunity for you to fund mission work through their website, which we loved.

What is your process for designing new pieces?
My process for designing new pieces comes from everyday situations or through spiritual inspiration. For example, in my past struggles with self-love, I designed ‘MASTERPIECE’. In the process of building relationships and working with so many creatives, I designed ‘IRON x IRON’. For ‘RARE RUBY’, the design was birthed when my significant other/ business partner, Damaskus told me “Samantha, you are a rare gem.”

My mission for Temple NY is to help point people to Christ as their source of empowerment through fashion pieces within their daily lives.

What is one dream in the company that seems crazy, but you are believing will happen?
-We have many dreams, but the craziest is to create a fashion show for Christian brands during NYFW. Our dream is for designers to come together to showcase their brands and fellowship, while also creating opportunities for Christian models and makeup artist etc. We feel especially strong about this dream because we have been blessed with the experience of showcasing Temple NY in fashion shows ourselves, and it is always a blessing to share the gospel through runway.

Toughest challenge you faced in starting and running a successful business?
-Our toughest challenge that we have faced starting, and even until this day, is that we have many new designs drawn out, but have to remind ourselves to be patient for the right time to bring them to life.

“For everything, there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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If you’re looking for a true West Coast brand…look no further. SRVNTZ has a full lineup of some of the sharpest pieces out there. With quality materials and some insane designs, they are a W in the streetwear game.

What is your process for designing new pieces?
Firstly, it’s gotta be something that leads with the spirit – God drops some crazy visuals into my mental canvas sometimes. Second, I share that vision God placed into my head with my artist so they can run with it.
At times it’s scripture, other times it’s some street slang we make our own. Inspiration comes from the familiar. Like People wanted that ‘Con Safos’ on them, we made it our own and busted out with ‘Con Dios’ design. I love the good time I have when designing, but I also ensure each design is pushing to have something pointing to the Father.

What is one dream in the company that seems crazy, but you are believing will happen?
It’s a trip…. everyone thinks that the Srvntz Brand is the whole goal, but I believe it’s a stepping stone to where God wants to take me. My expanded dream is to one day open up a place where I can help people, have resources that they may not have and really need. Three shifts, open 24/7. A safe house, a refuge for the youth. My passion has always been the youth. I believe at the right timing it will come to pass.

Toughest challenge you faced in starting and running a successful business?
I believe it was to just keep it moving & in motion. Never giving up – when many would have thrown in the towel… I didn’t. Not because I had the strength, but because I learned through the process of living – My God has the strength. My trust is in Him, and I know in Him – I’m positioned for success both physically & spiritually.

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Trenton Jackson

Written by Trenton Jackson

Trenton Jackson is an established entrepreneur as well as the owner of Jesus Loves You Company. He has his hand in multiple industries including fashion, media, and music. He and his wife, Taylor, live in what they claim as the "best city in the world."Atlanta, Georgia.

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