Anyone who grew up on Nickelodeon in the ’90s knew Tommy Pickles was a G, Ren & Stimpy was a little too adult, and Kel Mitchell loves his orange soda. Well, more than anything in the world…except for Jesus that is.

Over the years the All That alumnus has been very outspoken about his faith in Christ. He’s also shared his love for Christian Hip Hop. From appearance on albums by SPEC and Bizzle, to directing a music video for V. Rose, and just recently featuring Wande in his workout video, Kel has shown love and support to the genre for quite some time.

Recently, it was announced that Kel would be returning to the show that initially launched his career, All That. Longtime friend, Saturday Night Live veteran and bathtub french guy Keenan Thompson will serve behind the scenes as executive producer for the rebooted series. It’s bringing a few familiar faces along for the ride too.

One can only imagine the awesomely hilarious sketches that will come from this reunion, and I for one am looking forward to another visit to Good Burger.