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CABREJA – Vision

Cabreja fka Jeff Cabreja, is simplifying his name but still dropping bangers. His new song “Vision” is the start and he took the time to explain it.

This record paves the way for many things I set in motion last year. The handful of releases under “Jeff Cabreja” spoke about the grind and what mattered most, like family and being able to stay true to who you are in this world. The big picture of mine was looking out for those close to you, those who always have your back, and always keeping family as a priority. God’s plan with me has taken me many different places and it has revealed to me many things, the greatest one being to always work hard and do the best I can for my family. That’s where this song came into play.

The inspiration behind the theme to “Vision” came from a local clothing brand called Visonare, owned by Jonathan Cintron and based out of Reading, PA. I know what it means to feel like nobody is on your side; like nobody is around to give you a helping hand. Most of what I’ve done as a creative has been from all the work I’ve put in to learn and grow into everything I can do now. It was tough, and I still struggle a lot because I’m only human, but I know God has given me the strength to get through and make it happen; turn dreams into a reality. This drive and motivation in me is what represents this new song and it’s what I hope resonates with others. My vision is to be able to help those around me, give them confidence, and help push them towards their dream so they’re able to do the same for others. The important thing to remember is the motive behind your vision… are your goals and dreams going to only benefit you or are you looking to bring up those around you as well?

Listen to Cabreja Below:

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