Byron Juane dropped the latest video in his #HopefulSessions series with “Scars” on IGTV.

Byron Juane posted:

I heard a saying this month, it said “there can be no love without hurt” although this is true I started to realize a cycle. I’ve been in love before I’ve been hurt I’ve talked to girls who would said they wanted to have something special yet randomly leave without explanation.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t turn me cold for a period of time You always hear the phrase “Nice Guys finish last” lately I’ve started to believe that to be true until I challenged myself to think from a woman’s perspective. How many empty promises has she been given that never returned? How many texts has she sent that’s been left on read, how many times has her heart been broken over and over again? I can see why she would think every guy is the same and whenever a good guy does come along she has no love left to give.. this cycle is exhausting and I know it far too well.. this song is for “Her” and it’s for “Him” the girl who’s been damaged and too afraid to love and the guy who would do anything to heal her hurt we’ve all got scars.


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