A. Ward making dreams come true. Every battle rap fan has dream match-ups that they hope to see become reality one day. Battles like Loaded Lux and B Dot, Iron Solomon and Hollow Da Don, T-Top and a Golden Coral are a few of the battles that come to mind.

King of the Dot just dropped the footage for one of those dream matchups: A. Ward vs Charron. The battle went down on the battle league’s World Domination 8 event this past March, which was held in jolly old England. Charron, who has become a regular on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out, has been known for his tremendous ability to freestyle on an insane level. If this was Dragon Ball Z, your scouter would break trying to measure his rebuttal power level. The same can be said for Ward, who has shown top tier level ability since his early battles on the Connects.

Honestly, this is as close as a mirror match that A. Ward has had since he’s touched down in KOTD and has been a battle that he’s personally been wanting for a very long time. So how did the battle go?

The first was too close to call, as both emcees came out the gate with crazy material that had the room shaking (literally in A. Ward’s case). The second round was were the fireworks really started to fly, with the Horseman putting on a clinic with some of the best material I’ve seen anybody have for the KOTD poster child. His impression of Charron was spot on and had me DYING! Everything he said was hitting so well, that even after Charron spit his second he clearly states that Ward ate his food.

The third round was hard to call, due to it really being a preference issue. Ward came with punches but mainly relied on the angle in this one, trying to point out the differences between the two in a real talk fashion. Charron, on the other hand, reversed the table on his opponent by turning on the humor, bringing about his best round of the battle. So who won?

Honestly, this is a battle that really comes down to whose first round you liked more. For me, they both set the stage for what was clearly Battle Of the Night. In the end its Charlie Clips 3-0, as always!

Watch A. Ward Below:

So what’s next for A. Ward? Check out the trailer below to find out!