On Friday, March 1, the young Reach Records artist known as WHATUPRG released his second EP, introducing a new aspect of his identity. With this project, we got to know RAUL.

Following in the footsteps of the Pleasant Hill single, “Wesside,” RAUL ups the ante with a track that is entirely in Spanish, entitled “NI AQUI.” Translated as “neither here nor there,” the song gives RG the space to address companions who have little true care for him.

On the opening track of RAUL, “FREEZE,” the artist stated, “I cannot have no fake people ‘round me” introducing the theme of inauthentic companionship that is only built on in the subsequent songs, “SWISH” and “NI AQUI.”

The closing of the second track, “SWISH” featured a female voice simply stating, “RG? I remember RG,” thus symbolizing the theme of “NI AQUI.” Those that left RG on his own are now attempting to stage a comeback because of the artist’s success.

While this person could have maintained a relationship with Raul Garcia before he became WHATUPRG, they are instead attempting to reenter his life now that he has attained victory without them. RG’s response is little more than apathetic frustration.

As translated from the second verse, RG states, “You never called me when I had nothing…And now I do not answer when you call.” RG has lost any desire for communication with this being, but this track could represent far more than a severing of ties with a past companion.


In a previous breakdown of RG’s Pleasant Hill EP, it was speculated that the project represented the artist’s journey from a sinful lifestyle to one of righteousness, indicating a parallel to the Parable of the Lost Son.

“NI AQUI” could be addressing the same concept of sin and its rejection, serving as an epilogue to the closing of Pleasant Hill. RG/Lil Holy (the artist’s alter ego) has realized the manipulative nature of sin and refuses to let it back into his life.

Now that he has reached new heights in his career, evil has reappeared to the young artist, attempting to claim him as its own. As RG sings, “Yo sé que tú quieres tener mi corazón” or “I know that you want to have my heart.”

Sin wants to consume RG, but now that God has affirmed his worth (see “Lovely”), sin cannot entertain him. As such, some of the earliest lines of “NI AQUI” state, “Yo sé exactamente lo que quieres, ah/Eso no funciona aquí, ni allá.”

Translated, the artist stated, “I know exactly what you want, ah/That does not work here, nor there.” Sin will pursue RG anywhere he goes, but the “young hijo de Dios” is no quitter. Rather than backing down, RG will resist sin with everything he has.

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