To say we’ve been waiting for Never Fold by Tedashii for a long time is an understatement. He’s been previewing and dropping hints of this record for two years. Well, it’s finally here!

Never Fold Track list:

1. There’s a Heaven
2. God Flex (ft. Trip Lee)
3. Get Out My Way (ft. Lecrae)
4. Son of Sam
5. Home (ft. Crowder)
6. Splash II (ft. 1K Phew, Jarry Manna & Parris Chariz)
7. Water
8. Diamonds
9. Step into Love (ft. Sarah Reeves)
10. My Lifestyle
11. Gotta Live (ft. Jordan Feliz)
12. Hold Me Down
13. Smile
14. All In Love (ft. Kam Parker)
15. Full Effect
16. Won’t Bring Me Down
17. It is Well

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Listen to Tedashii below: