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Social Club Misfits and Peabod Will Make Your ‘BIG MOOD’ Better

The chilly spring air just outside of the doors buzzed with energy as groups flocked to form a line in front of the Central PA venue. From the youth to the youth leaders, the elementary school-aged to the recent college grads fans lined the doors to the Chameleon Club in downtown Lancaster as much to see an amazing show by Social Club Misfits as to get out of the 40-degree wind.

Waiting to get inside of the venue with their “Misfits” print’s and fits, it was clear that Social Club had a wide reach and range of supporters in Central PA. The Misfit “Gang” was ready to see Marty and FERN bring it down on the ‘Big Mood’ Tour, which is also the title of their album.
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Rapzilla Freshmen and Seattle-native Peabod opened to a packed in crowd that much like the spring air, still had some warming up to do. Many described him as “upbeat” and “fun”, with untenable energy. “Shoot from the Hip” an upbeat, fun song about millennial angst, signaled the end of his set, and by the time an out-of-breath Peabod finished, the room mood and temperature were lifted.

Next, we took a brief break in music as powerful speaker and tour manager Luis Romero gave a personal testimony of his life and how he got to where he is now. Opening with a hilarious story about fresh long white tees (yes, we’re talking ‘Dem Franchize Boyz’ white tee’s), Luis had the crowd breaking into laughter before diving into his own heartfelt and inspiring story of brokenness giving way to the love of Christ. He also spoke passionately about their partnership with organization World Vision: By the end of his sermon, the crowd rushed the donation table.

As the smoke machines wafted and the chest-rumbling bass began to grumble, DJ Vow came on stage to get the crowd ready to jam out. The show would soon begin.

As soon as the graphic for “Everytime” showed up on the screen the crowd lost it. Social Club hit the stage.

Marty and Fern’s chemistry bubbled over like a science experiment volcano as the duo played their hits “Dive,” “To the Max,” and “Pop out Revenge.” The way the two feed off of the crowd and each other you knew they had plenty of experience rocking a crowd. Tonight was no exception.

The crowd interaction was on another level, which included inviting fans on stage to dance (including me) to show off dance moves, and commentary from Marty on par with comedy clubs.

“This is pretty live for a Thursday night,” noted Marty. “Anybody here from last year?” hands flew skyward and “yeahs!” rippled through the audience. “Remember when they had us in the small room that smelled like the inside of a prosthetic leg?”

After mellowing out for a moment with “Say Goodbye,” Marty and FERN took a moment to address the group’s purpose.

“We’re not just jumping around this.stage because we’re fat,” jested Marty, “We’re jumping up and down because of the God who loves us” the vocal crowd affirming as hands wave.

“We serve a God who didn’t give up on us” Fern followed up. “We experience the Mountain tops, you know getting money, and it feels good.”

“YEAH” a voice behind me boomed.

“We feel the valleys, but I’m here to tell you that God doesn’t leave us and abandon us in those times,” the crowd now applauding to FERN “…and that’s meaning of our next album, Mood

“One thing we want to be Clear about in our message is who we serve” as the backtrack for “Clear” began to play.

By the time SCM were onto “War Cry,” the entire crowd switched from live jumping to a sober sway as the heavy, worshipesque “War Cry” echoed and the corners of the venue illuminated with cellphone lights.

This lull was only for a moment, as the group paid special homage to their Latin roots.

The next trio of songs included “Solo,” “Tuyo,” and their latest single “Que lo Que” which melded like cebolla y Adobo on carne.

Que Lo Que:

Next, they rocked the crowd with an exclusive unreleased song titled “Up” from their new album.

After a few more songs and high-fives, Marty and Fern preemptively performed the encore and final song with the throwback banger “Coogi Sweater.”

Of course you know one encore wasn’t enough.

After Social Club and DJ Vow left the stage the sweat-soaked crowd made it clear they were hungry for more. They demanded a second encore to which Marty and FERN were happy to oblige with “Cops” for the encore to the encore.

By the end of the song, not a single dry shirt remained as Misfit in the crowd covered in sweat huddled around the merch table. The album is sure to be just as amazing.

Have you seen the Social Club Misfits on the MOOD Tour Yet?

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Written by Kalann Washington

Kalann Washington is a newly minted intern writer at and self-proclaimed hip hop head. Kalann has a deep love for hip hop, discovering fresh wavy bars, and dancing salsa. Kalann discovered his passion for writing (and dancing salsa) during many sleepless nights at Messiah College, where he completed his undergrad in Psychology.

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