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nobigdyl.’s Solar Powered Tour Blazes on Through Mini Blizzard

nobigdyl.’s Solar Powered Tour Blazes on Through Mini Blizzard

The snow was falling as cars were stalling in NYC. The threat of an imminent snowstorm was looming in the weather reports. Despite the warmth of the Solar Powered Tour blasting through Brooklyn, NY – nobigdyl., 1K Phew, Byron Juane, Alex the DJ, Nico the Drummer, and special guest Angie Rose couldn’t stop the cold…outside.


However, as they say, it’s the inside that counts. For the group of men and women that made the trek to Brooklyn’s iconic Knitting Factory, they were in for a treat.

I arrived several hours before doors opened to interview the trio and chop it up before the show. The approaching storm was quickly becoming a concern. It was thought there was a chance the show would be canceled by the venue. But alas, this is NYC, nothing really ever closes.

After a few quick live interviews in the green room and a soundcheck, it was almost time for people to start coming in.

Perhaps the best moment of the night was walking across the street to Rosa’s Pizza with Byron. He had never been to NY and wanted to see what the hype was about. Welp, the hype was real as he jumped up after the first bite. He chronicled this on his IG Stories. In fact, he had to call his mom and friend just to tell them about the experience. As a NYer, this was one of the best I’ve had. Byron also got a Baked Spaghetti – a next level move. The rest of the crew would eventually become converted to Byron’s Gospel of Rosa’s Pizza.

After that, we headed back over as it was close to show time. Two of the faces that came in were familiar to the Rapzilla audience. Brooklyn native, Rapzilla Freshmen, and battle rapper Th3 Saga was in the building. Another face you may recognize was singer Danielle Apicella.

After a venue picked and wildly inappropriate for this tour opener performed, Angie Rose led off the night. She was literally at home in her element and hit with the ferociousness she is known for. She hit so hard that after her set the soundboard went out for 15 minutes.

Byron Juane was up next and laced the stage with his smooth sounds. The youngest member of the tour had no qualms about him as he jumped around the stage hyped up by Alex the DJ. Backstage he came back and said something to the effect of “People in NY don’t really move.” My reply was, “We just bop man. We absorb the music.” The crowd bopped, they liked it.

1K Phew hit the stage next with his Southern swag and turnt the place up. A rapping energy ball would best describe him. Phew performed a couple of hits and tried his best to sway a cold and wet hip-hop crowd to something more than a bop. It started working…

nobigdyl. made his grand return to NY not on the “Better Late Than Never Tour,” but on his own headlining tour. From speaking with him, I know this meant a lot. As he ran through track after track from Solar and Canopy, it was his 90s infused single “Over Here,” that smacked hard. The song has that old school flare with the lyricism that turns even the most stoic hip-hop fan into a dancing fan-girl. dyl broke the crowd and then said, “Oh, so you guys are a fan of real lyricism?”

[fvplayer id=”105″]

At the end of set, they all came out for an encore of Byron’s “Attention” and 1K Phew’s “Bigger Than Me,” both featuring nobigdyl. These songs were ridiculously hype. All three of them were bouncing around the stage which forced the crown to follow in suit. It was an amazing finish to a fantastic show.

The artists got off the stage to greet the fans. Everyone was in a bit of a rush as the snow was falling heavier than before. Someone baked an amazing cupcake cake that said indie tribe. on it. It was in the shape of a microphone. They also baked some little desserts for all the artists too. The artists took pictures and gave everyone who wanted it, some time.

Then the Solar Powered Tour crew, along with Saga and myself, helped them pack up the van and head out. It was not a fun hour drive home through the snow, but the night was definitely worth it! If they are coming to your city, try and catch the tour before it’s too late.

Solar Powered Tour Videos Below:

*My phone camera is trash…


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