YouTube child star MattyBRaps says Jesus helps him fight temptations in latest song

If you’re unfamiliar with MattyB (or “MattyBRaps”), he is a popular Youtube star with millions of subscribers and over 4 billion views between his rap and blogging channels. Song covers, clean remixes of classics (think “Juicy” by Biggie, and “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast), and his own original work helped propel MattyB to success.

His song “Monster” is up to 17,000,000 views and still growing.

MattyB’s “Monsters” is a light rap-pop song that highlights his relationship with God and speaks of his faith in Christ. On the surface, it is a light, squeaky clean song about treating others the way you want to be treated that soccer mom’s nationwide wouldn’t think twice about blasting for their kids after a game.

But there is more here, so let’s go deeper.

In the BTS breakdown of the video, the teen star discusses the meaning of his song. The monsters in life constantly bombard us, but asking God for direction and guidance is the key to overcome any opposition.

“I’ve been here before, but I won’t lose control”

A simple lyric with a profound meaning, saying while ‘these temptations’ have had their say they won’t win out.

“…it isn’t literal monsters,” MattyB explains of the chorus, “its all the temptations [and things] that you could do…everyone has their own monsters their own demons they’re fighting.”

The ‘monsters underneath the bed’, which are temptations, can gang up on you and will try to keep you down. The video reveals these monsters as impulses or inclinations to bully, pass judgment, start conflict, or even stand by idly while others are being harmed.

There is no reason to fear, however, when you know you have God on your side to resist and overcome these monsters.

The bridge echoes this, ending with the lines:

Not alone in this conflict,
Who I am is in you/
Who I am is in you”

MattyB further emphasizes this point about the bridge, explaining, “‘who I am is in you’ is talking about Jesus.” 

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Written by Kalann Washington

Kalann Washington is a newly minted intern writer at and self-proclaimed hip hop head. Kalann has a deep love for hip hop, discovering fresh wavy bars, and dancing salsa. Kalann discovered his passion for writing (and dancing salsa) during many sleepless nights at Messiah College, where he completed his undergrad in Psychology.

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