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International Women’s Day: 10 Women in Christian Rap & 20 songs for your playlists

International Women’s Day is upon us. We at Rapzilla want to give our respect to some of the ladies in Christian Rap that are killing it. Here we are highlighting 10 fresh female artists and 20 songs of their’s that you need in your playlist.

L3x Divine | @L3XDIVINE

L3x Divine is an emerging independent talent from Las Vegas with who can sing and rap. Her talents have gotten her attention from all over, including an entry in the Legacy Hip Hop Challenge in Chicago where she was recognized by the KB, and Singer/Songwriter Natalie Lauren.


L3x’s quick delivery paired with the car-shaking production comes together like The Beatles. With strong bars and punches about the love of God being what perfects us, “Perfect” reminds us of who we are and whose we are.

I Ain’t Convinced

In her latest single, “I Ain’t Convinced” L3x isn’t having it. The L.V. native crafts a song that could have been inspired by anything from self-doubt to the enemy, and reminds the listener that God is present and the focus. The feel is a cross between a post-breakup song and a motivational one that’ll get your face twisted and your feet moving. Add this to your playlist.

Listen here

DaShawn Shaunta | @DaShwnee

DaShawn Shauntá is one to watch. Hailing from the small city of Grande Prairie, Texas this young rapper’s candid and straightforward bars and laid-back silky delivery has been making waves. DaShawn is one to keep an eye on.

Femme Fatále

DaShawn Shauntá curves the nonsense with a song that’s message is simple: “stay focused, stay away from the traps, and stay out my DMs.” The message of “Femme Fatále” stays clean, but the production is dirty. If you’re not in the mood for the nonsense this song is the anthem.


Up front “Ch$nge” might seem like another good sounding cliche about getting money and flossin’, but upon further inspection, it actually dives into how focusing on the money and it’s pursuits (the ice, the club life, and so on) leaves you empty. If you want a break from typical radio Hip-Hop that doesn’t sacrifice quality or meaning you’ll want to dive into this song.

Listen here

A.I. | @GoaiMusik

Quick Fact: The name a.i. Comes from her relationship with God being “All In.” Another fact about a.i is that she was recognized as a winner in the “Up Next” category for the Kingdom Choice Awards (KCA).

Pick Em Up ft. Selah the Corner

Her project, Severed Threads is about her life, her story, and how it has formed and shaped her. “Pick Em Up” does a great job of severing any doubts that you might have about the amount of talent, lyrical depth, or respect due to female rappers, and hits that nail right on the head. If you’re in the mood for rappers rap with bars, metaphors, and a flow that’s cold, check out this song.

The Exposition

Continuing to showcase her penchant for straight, undistilled hip-hop, “The Exposition” sets the stage for her album (that you seriously need to check out) and gives a glimpse into its subject matter. Another dope song from a.i that serves as an example of her ability as a lyricist and a professional “stank-face” maker. If you want rap with substance, look no further.

Listen here

Ada Betsabe | @adabetsabe

Her name is Ada Betsabe, but you can call her “Ada” though. The Dominican born artist sings, raps, and speaks in not one but two languages! Using a sound that ranges from Spanglish trap to heartfelt ballads, Ada offers a fresh voice with a satisfying sound that blurs genre lines.


Singing, “So I’ll fear no evil, long as you’re with me/Si El esta conmigo, quien contra mi?” Her song “Sparrow” is a soft but not light reminder of God as a comforter and companion in troubling times. Encouraging, uplifting, and profound, this song is like rain to water the soul. 

Sin Limites (No Limits)

There are no limits to what God blesses, and when He does, man cannot stop or slow it. “Sin Limites (No limited)” takes the brakes off and set your bass on fire. If you need a boost in your day, this is the fire Spanglish song you didn’t know you needed.

Listen here

TK Lee | @tklee___

TK Lee brings personality, color, and brightness to her music, but also a certain fortitude and courage to go big. Coming from Kansas City, Missouri TK Lee brings gospel & contemporary influences to her music.

It’s Gonna Be Okay ft. Eric Ashby

The subject matter of this song is heavy, but uplifting and encouraging in its delivery. TK Lee uses her battle with anxiety and depression as fuel for this song but shines with hope in Christ. “My hope and prayer is this song touches those who wrestle with mental illness, letting them know our God can handle whatever the issue is and it’s going to be okay.”

Queen’s Anthem

This song has a strong message that is strictly for the ladies: everything you’ve been through has a purpose, and your hustle is recognized. Let the insecurities fall, stay on the grind and remember that God is on your side; you’re royalty. If you want to feel appreciated this is the song for you. And if you’re feeling good, share this song with someone who you want to smile today.

Listen here

Linga TheBoss | @linga_theboss

Boss Up w/ Xavier Sorrow

Linga has a sound that crosses somewhere between a (clean) Cardi and a motivational speaker with a hard-hitting, super satisfying slapper. From the verse to the hook, the infectious delivery of Linga stands out as something dangerous and attention-grabbing. You’ll want to have this on repeat for sure. “Boss Up” needs to be on your playlist today.


“Royalty” is a proclamation of identity and declaration of intent to walk in purpose and live knowing oneself worth. From her EP Distinguished, available on Soundcloud. Looking for more from linga in the upcoming year.

Listen here

Sada K. | @SadaKMusic

A recent RMG Amplify signee and first woman represented by the group, Sada K. is not one to sleep on. A hybrid singer/songwriter from Kansas with over a decade of experience, Sada. K blends contemporary gospel, hip-hop, R&B, and other influences to create a memorable sound and dope music. We see big things coming in her future.

We Can Make It

“We Can Make It” is encouraging, hold on, a rally and reminder that you have people on your team, pop-hop, inspirational, encouraging, through it all, comes across like a good friend reminding you that they’re going to be there for you. The song is like a person reassuring you


Soulful and deep, dramatic and tense, “Ready” is a song to soldier forward to. A straight-up blues track in the best ways. “Ready” is a glimpse of Sada’s life and journey up until this point and an anthem for moving beyond the known.

Listen here

Brea Miles | @AlwaysBrea

Born in Richmond but raised between North and South Carolina, Brea Miles has a style that is unique and authentic to her deeply rooted faith and flavor. Brea has been around for a minute and thus far has had three projects in the iTunes top 20. Let’s check out a few highlights.

Return of the Queens Ft. Mahogany Jones, Angie Rose HeeSun Lee, Mia Hunt

We all love a good posse cut. Something about hearing different styles and voices all taking turns trying to one each other. Featuring verses from such talents as Mahogany Jones, Angie Rose, Mia Hunt, and HeeSun Lee, “RTQ” takes a different approach, more than delivering top-notch bars, but building rather than teardown each other. Stop reading this and play it again. You know you want to.

All God

“All God” has a pace and cool trap vibe that hits you like a track you’d hear playing in the background of a car chase or street racing scene of a movie. True to form, Brea uses the song to give all credit to God, the source for her inspiration and every step. 

Listen here

CASS | @Cass

If you’re asking “who is CASS?” I’m sorry to inform you but you’ve been sleeping – consider this is your alarm. Singer, Songwriter, producer, and performer, New Zealand’s CASS has listeners from Sao Paul to Atlanta and New Zealand to Los Angeles. She gained attention and on the ultra-stacked 116 single “Light Work” with the likes of Lecrae, Trip Lee, WHATUPRG, and many others.

Tomorrow Will Come

There is no way you’re not dancing by the end of this song. Uplifting, energetic, and warm “Tomorrow Will Come” is a hopeful song sure to make your soul smile.


Seriously, stop reading this and get back to listening. This song is crazy good.

Listen here

NoNameDisciple | @nonamedisciple

NoNameDisciple is an anomaly.  She pairs profound, thought-provoking lyrics with an unbothered, sometimes icy delivery. Them jawns fire.


Earthy, grounded, wavy. An unashamed proclamation of identity that is found only in Christ. Defiant and bold lyrics with a raspy-breathed “I don’t care what you think” delivery. You don’t just hear her say she doesn’t care what haters think, you feel it. This song is a WHOLE mood.

Code Of Practice

A dope freestyle with chill vibes, breathy voice and almost whisper-like delivery. Check her out.

Listen here


Help us celebrate International Women’s Day and give them a listen. Let us know who else we should check out.

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Written by Kalann Washington

Kalann Washington is a newly minted intern writer at Rapzilla.com and self-proclaimed hip hop head. Kalann has a deep love for hip hop, discovering fresh wavy bars, and dancing salsa. Kalann discovered his passion for writing (and dancing salsa) during many sleepless nights at Messiah College, where he completed his undergrad in Psychology.

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