We live in the age of remakes, where our favorite shows, cartoons and video games are repurposed for the big screen. Some TV to film movies such as Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and The Adams Family have been hailed as classics, while others like The A-Team, The Brady Bunch and Miami Vice were considered boiled dumpster juice by critics and fans alike. Shows like Full House and Boy Meets World have found success by continuing their storylines while others like Hawaii 5-0 have revamped for a new audience. However, none of the more popular shows like Martin, Home Improvement and Sister Sister have received the remake treatment…until now.

Recently a trailer dropped for a remake of the hit 90’s shows Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and it stars Christian artists Cole DeRuse (rapper) and Sada K (singer-songwriter) as Hilary Banks. The trailer, which looks like something Ryan Coogler would direct, takes a more serious tone than the sitcom it portrays. From the opening sequence, which mirrors the theme from the television show, viewers are sucked into a world that mirrors our present reality. Honestly, I was excited and amazed at seeing characters that I grew up watch from a comedic perspective be given new depth. After sharing the trailer with dozens of people, thinking that I’ve just found my new favorite Netflix series, only to find out that the trailer was fan made by Director/Cinematographer Morgan Cooper and the production company Sun Squared Media. I felt like I was on Punk’d. Insert crying sad face emoji.

Everything the actors down to the cinematography helped to create a cinematic experience for a Fresh Prince remake I never even knew I wanted. Someone needs to get this in front of Will Smith like yesterday. My only hope is that Aunt Vivian stays one shade through the whole thing….

Check the trailer below: