Don Ryvcko

Don Ryvcko – Nada Más

Honduras-born 2019 Rapzilla Freshman artist Don Ryvcko released a new single called “Nada Más.”

“This song, Nada Más, is a very special song to me not only because it serves as a personal letter to my girl, but also because of the overall message that it conveys regarding society’s disrespectful views of women.” Don says, “This song serves as an encouragement for people to stay committed in their relationships and also aims to promote the idea of self-value. Overall, this song conveys an against-the-grain message with an infectious melody and a simple yet effective chorus that will have you singing along.”

Listen to Don Ryvcko below:

LYRICS (Translated):
Dale switch Don dale switch
They call me Don Rico but I’m not rich
It’s that you don’t know me like that, this song isn’t for you
This one’s for my girl, for her I would give up everything
Every single thing, we are a team
Beautiful and brave, you know that she is my type
You are such a blessing, you are my passion
The answer to my prayer, I give thanks to God
For the hard times when I would struggle with my addiction
When you came by I was fighting with my affliction
Still you stayed right by my side like
If you weren’t here I’d probably stay the same all of my life
I live my life, you live your life
That mentality only destroys
Everything that we have and everything that we want
This love fills me more than the entire world let’s go

I just want your love and nothing else (x8)

Nothing else, aye nothing else
I just want your love and nothing else
There is nothing that can separate us
We only move forward we don’t ever fall back
Treat her like a queen, royalty indeed
Give her everything, it’s that loyalty she need
Gotta treat her like a queen, royalty indeed
Give her everything, it’s that loyalty she need
Every single day she inspires me
I don’t have time for those who take shots at me
People only obsess over girls for their bodies
But it is never the person inside that they admire
I just tell it how it is I’m a sucker for your love
We gone make it ’till the end, always be my number one
You deserve more than a trophy
I give my whole world to Sofi

I just want your love and nothing else (x16)


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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