With no warning, RMG’s Derek Minor, Canon, and Byron Juane just dropped a whole project called Going Up. Twelve tracks long and featuring Derek’s brother Greg James, you can peep the tracklist below:

  1. Wait a Minute
  2. Going Up
  3. The Man
  4. Dominate
  5. Run It
  6. Going In
  7. All the Way
  8. Living the Life
  9. Threat
  10. Bet I Win
  11. Try Again
  12. Say Hello

Derek wasn’t kidding when he mentioned he recorded a whole bunch of music since January and was getting ready to roll songs out all year. As Derek and Canon are on the second leg of their This Is Not A Game tour, the duo have a whole bevy of tracks to get fans hyped. This also serves as a nice prequel for Byron’s R&B project that will drop later this year.

As of this writing, it isn’t yet on Apple Music or iTunes.

Listen to Derek Minor, Canon, and Byron Juane Below: