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Rapzilla.com Acquires Christian Rap Website NewH2O.com

Rapzilla.com Acquires Christian Rap Website NewH2O.com

Rapzilla – the world’s top Christian Rap platform is expanding its reach and impact with the acquisition of NewH2O.com, which will become the premier Christian Hip-Hop website for independent artists.

Rapzilla Owner Chad Horton, Editor-in-Chief Justin Sarachik, and Content Director/A&R Steven Solis will develop and grow New H2O into a joint venture to help expand the impact and reach of Christian Hip-Hop. The entire New H2O team is poised and committed to staying on board to help develop the New H2O platform into an indie launchpad.

“The strength and vision of Rapzilla has always been to bring exposure to artists of all levels. Now, we are taking what we do best and applying that to indies on New H2O,” said Sarachik.

“We’re going to help develop artists and provide them with support such as consulting, digital distribution, and playlisting on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. We want to really move the needle for up-and-coming artists. We’ve already proved we can do that by launching countless artist’s careers,” Horton said.

New H2O will provide valuable feedback and opportunities for indie artists to grow. The ultimate goal is that New H2O will become a launching pad for artists to elevate to Rapzilla.com and beyond.

“Rapzilla and New H2O have been really defining platforms for a number of artists around the world. I’m excited that they are going to be under the same wings and have a strong infrastructure. Now both brands can be supported in a way that’s really impactful for Christian Hip-Hop,” said previous site owner Akande Davis.

“We get a lot of misguided comments on Rapzilla about our support for the underdogs.  So I’m excited to provide a platform exclusively for them,” said Solis.

2019 is going to be a huge year for both brands, stay tuned.

About Rapzilla.com

Rapzilla.com has been the leading destination on the internet for Christian Rap since 2003.


If you would like more information about this press release, please email Chad Horton at info@rapzilla.com.


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