Since not dropping an album since 2014, Hazakim is back with their album Origins.  This album is a journey through the worlds of science, philosophy, and theology. It presents a case for, not only intelligent design but the truth of God’s Word and the Messiahship of Jesus.

“The origin story you believe about yourself tells you who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going,” The duo explained. “In the same way that a tool or device, devoid of purpose and meaning, falls short in the intent of its existence and becomes useless – so we can miss our intent, and fall into nihilism, if our origins story is incorrect.”



1. The Lord is King
2. Original
3. You Know It
4. Look & Listen
5. Fine Tune
6. Let it Pour
7. Falling Apart
8. Millennium
9. Matters of the Heart
10. Think About It
11. Why We’re Here
12. Lifeblood
13. And It Was Good
14. Forever Shall the Lord be King

Their album is available on, and for Patreons on their Patreon page.