Battle rap media site Rap Grid has released the latest battle from their Atlanta Vs Everybody event and it is as hilarious as it is fire. The battle, which pits A. Ward against the unpredictable and comedic style of Carter Deems, is one that was enjoyable from start to finish. Both emcees brought their best to the table, with A. Ward bringing fire every round and Carter bringing…what Carter brings.

One of the dope parts about this battle was finding out that Carter was a Christian. He used his unorthodox style, witty wordplay and his affinity for cats in place of the usual gun bars and profanity that has become the norm in the culture. It’s for that reason that Deems was able to deliver something that many opponents of the IV Horsemen rarely do: creative Bible bars. All of those factors combined with A. Ward’s raw energy and rebuttal ability made the replay value of this matchup very high.

This is one of the funniest battles you will see all year long hands down. At the end of the day this was a highly debatable bout and could go either way depending on If you judged it on bars or laughs. No matter how you scored it the Fans won 3-0. Maybe somewhere down the line since Carter is a believer, he’ll join the IV Horsemen and they’ll become the V Fold…

Watch A. Ward Below: