Matthew 6:33 states that if we “…seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” For A. Ward, one of these “things” would be to battle King Of The Dot’s favorite poster child/charity case, Charron. The battle, which has just been announced for KOTD World Domination 8 event, has been on the Horseman’s wishlist of opponents for some time making this a highly anticipated matchup that is sure to be Battle Of The Night.

Why is this such an electrifying clash? Not only are both battlers amazing rappers, but their ability to rebuttal then seamlessly return to their written material is astounding. A. Ward has the “rebuttal game is crazy” moniker,  but Charron at times has been criminally insane, almost making this a mirror match that is not to be missed. This may be Ward’s biggest battle to date, and a victory against Wild n’ Out cast member would bring him one step closer to challenging for the KOTD championship chain.

Check A. Ward vs Charron preview Below: