10 Christian Rap Songs That Could Use Choreography

From Drake’s “God’s Plan” to Kodak Black’s “ZEZE,” it seems as though every hit song this year had an accompanying viral dance. Some numbers embodied what made the song so great while others mercifully gave tracks destined for mediocrity a few more plays on mainstream radio (looking at you “In My Feelings”). nobgidyl.’s “over here” challenge yielded some fairly humorous and memorable performances, but the closest thing CHH got to a viral dance number was NBC’s World of Dance where the Kinjaz, as well as judge Derek Hough, performed a dazzling and jaw-dropping choreography to 116’s posse-cut “Light Work.

It was amazing to see a Christian Hip-Hop song get the spotlight on such a big public platform. Yet as great as “Light Work” is, there are an inordinate amount of other songs released last year that are equally deserving of choreography. The first month of the year has already passed (and it has yielded an already fair share of dance-worthy tracks) but I hope that by the end of 2019, these ten fire tracks will have their own incendiary dances to accompany them.

Note: When determining which songs would make this list, I YouTubed the song and browsed through the results to see if anyone had made a dance for it yet. As expected, tracks like Aha Gazelle’s  “Ionou Jack,” Social Club Misfits’ “Tuyo,” and Swoope’s “Hall of Fame” were already taken as well as nearly every Reach Records banger of 2018 (including but not limited to: “Coming in Hot,” “Courtside,” “No Chains,”  “SLINGSHOT,” and “Splash.”

Brvdon P – Almost ft. Derek Minor & Eris Ford

Just LISTEN to that hook…after a few listens of this I couldn’t help but respond to every question asked to me with “almost.” Eris Ford’s closing lines at the end likewise give the track enough sonic diversity for dancers to switch up the cadence.

Byron Juane – Attention ft. nobigdyl.

There are some producer tags that once you hear them, the appropriate response is to roll down the windows (real or metaphorical), crank up the volume to the highest level, and bask in the glory of the aforementioned song. “Put your hands in the air for Cardec” is one of those. Byron Juane once again proves his versatility with the hook and verse, giving would-be performers plenty of material to work with when putting moves to his lyrics.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. – Long Time ft. Greg Cox

Some of the best dance-worthy tracks are those that don’t remain static but allow for a variety of moves to be incorporated within its run time. From Greg Cox’s stripped down acoustic prelude which allows for more introspective movements to the full-blown trumpet accompaniment that Da’ T.R.U.T.H. raps over, the sonic scope of the song keeps this interesting for dancers and ensures that no movement is the same.

DJDB45 – Let ‘Em Know ft. PLM

“Hook Shot” has already been stellarly choreographed by United Dance Company but PLM’s contribution on DJDB45’s God Is Trill Forever II should not be overlooked. While it lacks the kinetic energy of other tracks like “Supermaxx,” it’s more laid back and spectral cadence allows for slower but nonetheless hard-hitting moves. PLM members launch verse after verse throughout this song which makes it a track designed for various collaborators.

DJ Mykael V – Mía ft. nobigdyl. & WHATUPRG

Not to be confused with Bad Bunny and Drake’s song of the same name (and way better than it too) DJ Mykael V’s “Mía” is worth listening too solely to hear the man behind the boards take center stage and sing a beautiful hook over this Latin instrumental. Add in two indie tribe members and you have a certified classic.

Eric Heron – Upset ft. Byron Juane

Cardec strikes gold again with this criminally underrated collab between Eric Heron and Byron Juane. If you’re not mean-muggin’ as you’re listening to this what are you doing?

Joey Vantes – Gawdly ft. Kid Tris

This is Joey Vantes’ last song of 2018 but the bass alone ensures that it will be at the top of many playlists well into 2019. The cantankerous 808s along with Vantes’ and Kid Tris’ frenzied flow make the perfect combo for a dance-ready tune.

Ruslan & Paul Russell – Breeze

In the music video, Jon Keith, Paul Russell, and Ruslan all try (and hilariously fail) to provide an “official” dance accompaniment to this track but such shortcomings can serve as the foundation for more seasoned choreographers to shoot their shot. Whatever you do though, make sure you include Paul’s signature “Childish Gambino-ish funky vibe thing.” That’s a must.

Wande – Fuego (Remix) ft. Parris Chariz

Wande’s remix to her infectious “Fuego” is equal parts catchy and vociferous. She and Parriz respect the beat and while they deliver great verses, they do an excellent job of letting it do the heavy lifting on certain parts of the track, perfect for performers to freestyle to.

116 – This Christmas ft. Jaylon Ashaun, Jon Keith, & Evan and Eris

Reach Records really did something special by gifting us an album that goes just as hard now as it did back in December. Whether it’s Evan and Eris’ hook or Jon Keith half-singing/half-rapping his verse, this is Christmas music you can’t help but sing and dance along to.

Which other tracks from 2018 should get some choreography? Sound off below!

Zachary Lee is a student at Cornell University studying English, creative writing, and Spanish. When he is not writing poetry or performing it at open mics, you can find him critically analyzing Summer blockbusters or hopelessly catching up on his ever-expanding reading list. He hopes to retire in Jerusalem where he can eat falafel and swim in the Dead Sea to his heart's desire.

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