6 Free Apps for Creating Dope Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a great way to engage with your audience, build supporters and create a buzz around your latest project.

One of the best ways to connect with supporters is through social media. With a unique and polished IG story, you can create something that stops them in their tracks and drives traffic to your music and your brand.

Between marketing, recording, and the other essential day-to-day activities that can drain time, creating eye-catching and visually appealing stories shouldn’t be one of those.

With these apps, creating engaging Instagram stories is made simple and painless. And because you can do it right from the convenience of your phone, you’re free to continue the juggling act of entrepreneurship.

So if you’re looking to create next level IG stories here are a few apps that are essential to make your stories stand out from others.


InShot lets you add your own music to videos, as well as add other sound effects and voice-overs. You can trim, cut, delete, and merge videos and even adjust speed.

The biggest draw is that you can optimize animation and captions to vertical videos, so making promos and teasers for new music videos have never been easier.

Cost: Free iOS & Android


CutStory’s features let you make creative stories of any length, add music, stickers or text, and backgrounds. While iOS does have a similar feature, CutStory lets you take the editing a step further by adding your own logo for the cost of a pair of socks. CutStory makes updating supporters and adding performance highlights to your story that much simpler.

The app is free to use and removing the CutStory watermark cost less than an order of waffle fries from ChickFil-A. It also includes integration with TikTok, so there is that.

Cost: Free with in-app purchase

Adobe Spark Post

Perhaps the most in-depth, the Adobe Spark Post makes creating animated graphics a breeze. With design filters and a wide base of typography and layout customization, you’ll be able to come up with creative promos for your projects and make bomb animated video posts.

It also includes millions of quality stock photos and the ability to redesign to fit for any social platform, so if you’re using the same content on multiple platforms, Adobe Spark Post is the Swiss Army Knife of design apps you didn’t know you were looking for.

Cost: Free with in-app purchase

iOS & Android


Another Swiss Army Knife type design is Canva. Most know it as a great tool for everything from logo and label making to invitation and poster creation, but did you know you could use it for Instagram Stories?

Canva has options and templates for Instagram Stories, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and options for banners, webpages, and plenty more. You can use Canva to make branded posts and announcements more consistent with your scheme and aesthetic.


Cost: Free with in-app purchases. More information here
iOS & Android

Enlighten Pixaloop

Award winning developer Lightricks developed what might be the coolest app on this list. Enlighten Pixaloop is an inspired app that allows you to create slick animations and dope stills.

I’ll let the examples speak for themselves.

This is one you just have to check out for yourself.

Cost: Free

iOS & Android


Do you have a busy schedule that isn’t always reliable? If ‘consistency is key’ then this app is the keyless entry. With this app you can schedule content for later.

Later is an app that allows you to work ahead and plan out what kind of content you want to post and when you want to. You can upload photos from your computer or mobile, and even use it to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Specifically for InstaStories, Later lets you drag and drop your completed stories on to the storyboard tool and fit them in the order you want them to be in. Any captions or links you want to add-in will be included when it time to post.

If you like to work ahead and plan out what kind of content you want to deliver, or are a manger with several accounts to run Later is an asset.


Cost: Free for other features, but $2.99 for IG story function
iOS & Android

These apps can be a great resource and help you create dope stories without sapping all of your time. Try experimenting with a few of them and seeing which work best for your needs. You might even want to combine some of them to create a flow to produce engaging Instagram stories.


Which app is the most helpful for you? Which would you recommend? Any on this list you already use? Any on this list you love? Are you ready to dominate the Instagram Stories game?




Written by Kalann Washington

Kalann Washington is a newly minted intern writer at and self-proclaimed hip hop head. Kalann has a deep love for hip hop, discovering fresh wavy bars, and dancing salsa. Kalann discovered his passion for writing (and dancing salsa) during many sleepless nights at Messiah College, where he completed his undergrad in Psychology.

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