A new documentary by THIS IS ME TV sat down with Atlanta based emcee, 1K Phew to dive into his story, journey with Hip-Hop, and joining Reach Records.

From his start in elementary school cafeterias to “Church Gone Wild,” and finally to “Hammer Time,” Phew talks about his origins as an artist, and also gets transparent about other aspects of his life, including his daughter, and his proposal to his girlfriend of 7 years.

“Don’t be scared to show people who you are; don’t be scared to tell people your story,” he said.

Though young, Phew would act out to fit in with his peers, his mom made sure he was involved spiritually.

“Momma had a drug addiction; she drug us to church,” Phew joked.

Phew was involved in church, from a role as choir boy to youth programs. But to fit in with his peers he also skipped class, kicked in houses and would fight for fun.

“If you didn’t do what was normal they considered you an outcast.”

Phew recounts the day all that would change. When a drug deal went south, he and his crew drove off, only to be followed by the dealer and barely missed being shot. After that night, he hit his knees and a turning point.

Not only would his relationship with God change, but his music would as well.

“I wanted people to listen to my music and feel like they were getting fed,” 1K Phew shared.

From that point, Phew went all in. It wasn’t long after that he started treating music ‘like a 9-5’. He would work with artists like Tonio, Canton Jones, and eventually connect with Jacob “Biz” Morris at the Reach Headquarters.

After going through a couple of beats and laying down hooks, Lecrae would come into and hear one song that stood out. That beat would go on to be the single “Hammer Time,” and be featured on All Things Work Together.

It wasn’t long after that Phew would join Reach and release several projects with his new family.

His hip-hop journey has taught him to always be who God made him to be. You can check out the documentary below!

“I want to let our generation know were kings and queens. Be Who God Made you to be.”

Watch 1K Phew Below:

1k Phew’s newest EP, What’s Understood, drops at midnight