Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton

Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton Stress Importance of Producer/Artist Relationships

Rappers these days are always saying they are on the grind. They are working their hardest to become the best artist they can be or the best ever. Few can prove that they are on their grind – Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton are two such artists.

Both of these artists seemed destined for a spot on the 2019 Freshmen list but missed out due to their large bodies of work. Hill and Fenton still deserve recognition for the explosive year they had. Xay Hill released 45 songs, including an album and an EP. He was also on a ton of features. Hyper Fenton pumped out 46 songs, including an album and 2 EPs.

So how did these two accomplish such large release numbers and still produce quality music?

Answer: A close relationship with a producer.

The relationship of Xay Hill and producer PoetiCS is one of accountability. Hill said PoetiCS is always on him to keep grinding and reach goals, and Hill reciprocates.

“We talk to each other just about every other day, more on encouragement and keeping each other uplifted, then we will turn to music. We both work so fast so it just [became] constant.”

He continues, “He was sending me beats, I was sending him songs, back and forth, back and forth,” Xay explained. “Then it turned into setting goals for each other. He surpassed his, I surpassed mine, and we just saw the connection. Then it turned into a beat friendship.”

These two have worked together so much that Xay said, “We probably got two or three albums of songs that we haven’t released because we were making them more for fun.” The duo also has a joint album they might drop this year. Keep your eyes peeled for that and listen to their chemistry unfold!

Watch Xay Hill’s “Greenlight” Ft. YCG Dante Music Video Below:

Whenever Hyper Fenton releases, the name of MOFLO Music always appears. This duo has made music together since 2015. Since then, they have formed a bond that is not shared among most artists today.

“It used to be, he’s got to send me a full beat, I’ve got to sit on it and write to it. Now, he’ll send me eight seconds of chords. I’ll loop that and I won’t write to anything, I’ll just make up a chorus, send it back, he enhances the chords or makes a totally new one off those vocals, send it back, and then I’ll add a verse. Or sometimes I’ll make up my own chords, they’ll be awful of course, but I’ll do a whole song, flesh it out, have a whole bunch 0f options, bunch of different lyrics, send it all to him, and he’ll put it on a whole new different beat and send it back to me as a new song. [MOFLO] will do that in 10 minutes.”

In 2018, Fenton and MOFLO focused on singles, releasing one about every two weeks. As the saying goes, don’t fix what’s broken, and these two are sticking to their “strength” of pumping out singles. Except this year, Fenton won’t be holding as much of his work back.

“I think the more things that are sacred to us, the more it slows us down,” Fenton said. “…A big goal for me in 2019 is to not get caught up in the details. Just go, run!”

Watch Hyper Fenton’s “Save Me” Music Video Below:

2018 was an amazing year if growth for Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton. However, they could not have done it without PoetiCS and MOFLO Music. These guys get better with every release, so there’s little doubt they will grow more in 2019!

Make sure to look out for our next two articles that talk more about Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton!


Written by Edward Boice

Edward Boice is a freelance journalist who, like every other writer without a fortune, is grinding hourly to keep a writing career in a video-obsessed world. Mostly known for his role of copy editor at Rapzilla.com, he also writes for local newspapers and press releases for music artists. Whenever he's not hunched over a computer typing methodically, Boice is playing a board or card game with his wife and friends or jamming to Christian Rap and Post-Hardcore.

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