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Stephen Curry Launches Tour to Find Underrated Basketball Players

Stephen Curry just keeps making moves outside of basketball. And all these moves ar helpful to those around him.

Yesterday, Curry announced his brainchild project: the Underrated Tour. The tour is a set of basketball camps to showcase high school players with a three-point ranking or below. Brandon Payne, Curry’s trainer, will go along on the trip.

Read Stephen Curry’s First announcement of the Underrated Tour Below:

Curry and Payne will focus on basketball fundamentals, lessons on collegiate needs, and meeting NCAA eligibility. Unannounced special guests will attend on various parts of the tour.

The tour starts January 19 in Los Angeles and then will travel all across the U.S. until the end of March. One tour, in Phoenix, is exclusively for girls.

“What about the kids who, for one reason or another, because of one perceived shortcoming or another, are getting labeled as two or three-star recruits,” Curry said in an article he wrote for The Player’s Tribune. “Now I’m not saying those kids need to be at every camp. (Honestly, man, no one does.) But if we have it set up so those kids can’t get invites to any camp?? Then I think we’ve got a problem. Because then I think we’re putting kids — kids who love to hoop, and who should be out there exploring that love — in a situation where a bunch of limits are being placed on them by other people. A situation where the limits of what they can accomplish are being put in place before they’ve gotten to test those limits for themselves.”

The sponsor for the camp is Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce and internet firm. The firm signed the most expensive endorsement deal with Curry at $60 million for three years.

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