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Leland Philpot – CounterTrap

Leland Philpot – CounterTrap

Chicago-based rapper and producer Leland Philpot released a new single called “CounterTrap.”

“In classic “stream-of-consciousness” rap style, “CounterTrap” the single talks about a myriad of topics relating to his own personal struggles of acceptance, his perceived state of the music industry, people’s taste in popular music, along with discouraging harmful vices. It’s a lot really, but with a deep message, a danceable beat, Leland Philpot aims to bring a voice of reason in music.”

The single is being released in anticipation for ‘CounterTrap: The Mixtape,’ which is due for release in early 2019.

Listen to Leland Philpot below:

Buy the single here.


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