KIDS SEE GHOSTS: A Reminder To Hold Onto Childlike Faith (Concept)

Kanye West has been a controversial figure, to say the least in recent years. Amidst all the political dissent that the rap megastar created, he also released 2 seven-track short projects that gave listeners a peek into the mind of the Chicago native. One of these was a collaboration with Kid Cudi called KIDS SEE GHOSTS.

We tried a concept, where we broke down the album in a serious of Tweets like the Kanye podcast did.

In this breakdown, we talk about how the album is a return to faith for Kanye and Cudi. Click on the Twitter link below or here. Follow the thread and let us know what you think.



Written by Elijah Matos

Elijah Matos is a Puerto Rican born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When he's not studying for class, serving as a youth leader, or writing articles, he's usually working on his personal brand, Rey-David Creative. Elijah hopes to be a creative writer, using his platform to spread the message of Jesus as far as possible.

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