Jeff Cabreja

Jeff Cabreja – Pick Up

Hip-Hop artist Jeff Cabreja released his newest single “Pick Up” last Friday.

“The idea for this record came from a photo Mateo Toro, a photographer out of Reading, PA, shot in which you could see me picking up my phone. It quickly sparked the inspiration behind the hook and overall song concept. During the writing process I decided to dedicate this song to my girlfriend; much of the lyrics written pertain specifically towards her. Although this song is mostly about my current girlfriend, I do start off the verse mentioning a past relationship of mine where everything seemed solid and sweet until it went downhill. This moment in the song is brief and quickly transitions into the time where I met my current girlfriend. The song in general is meant to express the feelings that came over me when meeting her; things I did to try and get her attention, how she made me feel, and how I wanted to make her feel.

It’s the first time I feel like God has been at the center of the whole relationship and each and every step we’ve taken along the way has been guided by Him. I hope others would be able to place themselves in my shoes while listening to this song and think about their significant other, reflect on the emotional aspect of a healthy relationship, and realize how blessed they are to have this special someone in their life.”

Listen to Jeff Cabreja below:

Buy the single here.


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