Jackie Hill Perry, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Sho Baraka, Shai Linne, Derek Minor, and Tedashii will be among the ministers at Legacy Conferences in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta this year.

Since 2007, Chicago-based ministry Legacy Disciple has challenged Christians to live missionally through its annual conference, where young, urban adults find like-minded, disciple-making, justice-seeking, art-appreciating community. In order to cut travel costs for attendees, Legacy has expanded to L.A., Houston, and Atlanta over the last three years. Each event offers teaching, fellowship, a hip-hop concert, and a poetry slam.

“Legacy is one of the few conferences around that makes room for its participants to see and hear sound doctrine taught by people that look and sound like them,” Hill Perry said. “This allows for people to learn in a contextual way that is able to then be fleshed out in their own particular contexts. Legacy Conference truly is an anomaly and a beautiful one at that.”

Not every artist at Legacy performs, but most will teach workshops at Legacy Chicago, L.A., and Houston. Other teachers will include Street Hymns, Chris Webb and Meladee Evans in Houston, Joseph Solomon, Carl Ellis and K.A. Ellis in Atlanta, and D.A. Horton, Elicia Horton, and Jeremy Treat in L.A.

Below are a list of performers in each city. Sign up for all of the conferences today at legacydisciple.org/register.

Legacy Conference and Speakers:

Houston (March 1-2)

– Reconcile
– Corey Paul
– ShySpeaks

Atlanta (March 23)

– Tedashii
– Canon
– J. Monty
– nobigdyl.

Los Angeles (April 26-27)

– Da’ T.R.U.T.H.

Chicago (July 18-20)

– Derek Minor
– Canon
– Steven Malcolm
– Aaron Cole
– Montell Fish