Let’s be honest. The IV Horsemen is a stable that holds some of the greatest pens in the battle rap game today. Since their inception, the group has raised the bar in the battle rap culture. If you don’t believe me, ask around. Everyone from the Source Magazine to your mama’s pastors third cousin knows these cats are no joke. How dope are they?

Recently Jayblac, the Peter Jennings of Battle Rap News Culture, held the Champion Of The Year Livestream forum in which panelist break down the best battlers of 2018 worldwide. A. Ward closed out the top 10, handing the COTY Geechi Gotti his only loss of the year. Loso came in ranked at the 12th spot. Both sat above fan favorites like Rum Nitty, B. Dot, Shotgun Suge, and Ave.

IV Horsemen

Battle Rap Stats also did their year-end review, with both Ward and Loso taking the 6th and 8th rankings over battle rap legends such as Aye Verb, Arsonal, and Hollow Da Don. Th3 Saga came in 31st in the ranking over UFF alumni T-Top and URL MVP Nu Jerzey Twork. And let’s not forget, Street Hymns, who’s just kicking off again this year.

What does 2019 hold for the IV Horsemen? A tag team battle on URL? A KOTD Chain perhaps? A Horsemen vs Goonies card? I can only imagine…