The faith-driven film Canal Street released the Star-studded New Years Day EPK “Fight Another Day”  featuring Angie Rose, Shirley Murdock, DeStorm Power, Ta’Rhonda Jones. It was produced by Jack Red, Rhyan LaMarr, and ModG in preparation for the film’s release Jan. 18th.

The Films Creators Stated:

“We ask the simple yet poignant question, ‘What are you grateful for and what are you striving to accomplish’? Let this be the anthem to kick off your New Year.”

The movie will be in theaters January 18th.

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Demand Canal Street plays at a theater in your town: and follow @canalstreetmovie and learn about the film that will inspire all to stop waiting on a change to happen and actually be the change.


Watch Canal Street Music Video Below:

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See if you can spot a sneak peek of Social Club Misfit’s new music in here!