French Christian rapper Deeboy teamed up with Dru Bex to drop the “Coldhearted” music video. The duo takes turns in this bilingual track with dope visuals.

Watch Deeboy Below:

Verse 2 (Deeboy) [translated to English]

Without Him I’d be dead still
I’d be in dark situations

Fights and melees, The devil would be slowing me down
No more hate, I’m not Caligula

Source of running water even in hot weather, My faith moves the Himalayas
He put my enemies under my feet
They capitulate

I’m in full ascension, homie
I’m evolving like the prices of a barrel

The heart of a man meditates its way
But it’s the Lord who directs its steps
The Father guides me, satiate my soul

Even in arid places, His light springs from me, At midnight, I shine like at noon
His blood washes and rinses me, He made me more elegant

Sinner, He made me a prince
The crown fits me like a glove

I threw my nets I’m going to pick up
Fishing is open, I’ve just begun

No money problem, it’s a soul problem
I’m driving in the streets of the capital

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