Christon Gray was on the Survival of the Artist Podcast where he spoke about his indie days, moving toward being signed, success, failure, and the funny things 90s Christian kids know about. He also said that God gave him a choice of where he wanted to go.

“I felt God ask if I wanted to just go full speed ahead right now, do you want to go back, continue on the journey, start touring…keep that momentum or slow things down? I felt like Solomon, God gave me a choice, and I told Him, I wanted to be closer to Him, communion with Him, deeper friendships, a better father, a better husband.”

Gray believes that the music that will come out of this time getting closer to God will be unbelievable. Already, he’s got 18 tracks on deck and is believing his music goes where it’s never been before.

There are so many more gems in this interview that you’ll just have to listen to, to find out.

Listen to Christon Gray Below:

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