As an artist, it is really important to stand out. Despite how good your music is, it’s still a bit tricky to stand out. You need to be able to take full advantage of the platforms that exist and identify a way to engage audiences and build an audience. It is all about attention – and what better way to capture attention on platform than video content. Queue Editframe.

Here’s a tool we just discovered called Editframe. It’s a meme maker and video tool built for musicians. It allows you to take your album artwork, music, and export a simple video to post on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat and any other social platform. You can even use this tool to add some audio to a .gif and make a quick music video for YouTube.

Another way you can use this tool is to resize video. You can see how it works here. For example, if you already shot a music video and it’s uploaded on YouTube – you can simply paste the URL, pick the duration, and resize the video to post on IGTV or Snapchat.

With the same tool, you can even find a clip on YouTube, drop your music in the background, and you now have a music video to engage your fans. Here is where you can check that tool out.

The key here is that Editframe is easy to use, doesn’t take any skill, and you just need your creativity. Even uploading your audio to Instagram as posts now should be easy. Don’t depend on a friend with iMovie or other software to take control of the content you post and create. It’s all part of the art you are creating!

Check out Editframe here.