The New Year has barely started and A. Ward is coming out on top! Not only was he and fellow IV Horsemen affiliate Loso listed in the Top 20 Battle rappers of 2018 (Numbers 12 and 13 respectively) but two of his battles just dropped in the past few days, and they are fire!

The first release comes from Smoked Out Battle League, which saw Ward go up against former SOBL champion DP the Mercenary in the main event of their ON [Superior] card. The twist? DP is a Christian as well, relying heavily on shock value and gun bars while keeping his rounds profanity-free. This would be the first time two Christians went head to head like this since Isaac Knox battled Mr. Biscuit back in 2012.

Before the battle got underway, a fight broke out. The event was kicked out of the venue and moved to a hotel room to restart the battle. That did not seem a problem for Mr. Rebuttal Game Crazy, who “smoked out” his opponent EASY for three whole rounds. He mixed his written material in seamlessly with off the top freestyles and straight humor. He was HILARIOUS the third, before becoming Paul in Galatians 2.

This was truly a display of how deadly A. Ward has become as a battle rapper. DP did the best he could to fight back, but his delivery lacked the conviction and his bars lacked the creativity to win this matchup. This looked like Mayweather vs Nasukawa but with rapping. A Ward with the clean 30.

Watch A. Ward Below:

The second release comes from King Of The Dot’s DECADE event, pitting Ward against former KOTD champion Po Rich. This was a style clash for sure. Po Rich has a humorous style with an aggressive delivery. Rich hadn’t been seen on KOTD stage for years. He made his triumphant return to face the future KOTD Champion from Kansas City.

Po Rich started it off, and in the first round had the whole room laughing. Even his opponent couldn’t help it. I never seen a Po Rich battle before, but it made me want to go back and check out one or two. A. Ward came back with the purpose of displaying how wide the margin was between the two when it comes to the pen game. He delivered punch after crazy punch winning the first while showcasing his top tier delivery and stage presence.

Rich bounced back in the second round, challenging the Christian worldview and flipping Ward’s close out slogan to make his point about God being unjust and religion being created for control. The Horseman returned fire with his second, which features a crazy Saints Row flip and a gentrification bar that had Isaac Knox face twisted up like he ate a mouthful of Warheads. The third was Rich’s best round, as he channeled Slim Shady, landed a few room shakers, then followed up with a hilarious prayer and finished up with a few jokes. Ward started off with the same energy he had the whole battle, getting the laughs from the jump, but had a few stumbles that depleted the impact of the punches when they landed.

It was tied until the third, which Po Rich edged due to the stumble however this battle can go 2-1 either way.

Watch A. Ward Below: