Indie Christian hip-hop artist Osaze has dropped his single “Amen.” This bar-
filled single is the first content he has released since his album In The Beginning in 2018.

Osaze’s single is his flex on the hard work on his music and his faith in Jesus Christ. Multi-
tudes of rappers are slaving themselves for drugs, groupies, and jewelry. Even though rappers

are constantly telling him to turn away from his faith and indulge in these earthly things, Osaze
will keep shining a light for Christ. Osaze has stayed faithful to his craft and faith, and now he
is shouting “Amen” in worship to God for giving him success and keeping him from falling for
such materialistic things.

“You can spit bars without having to talk about dope, guns and sex, ”explained Osaze about the song.

Listen to Osaze Below:

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