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Top 10 Most Read Interviews of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

Top 10 Most Read Interviews of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

Rapzilla had a lot of great interviews with Christian hip-hop artists this year! These 10, however, were the most read by our audience for 2018.

1. Datin Takes Aim At Rappers Who Emulate Lecrae & Andy Mineo’s Success For The Wrong Reasons


Summary: Toward the end of last year, God Over Money artist Datin had a chat with Rapzilla that broke down some of his tracks on The Menace Mixtape including “Bout Dat!”, “I Won’t Bow Down,” and “Do It Again” as well as his upcoming album The New Ark. In part one with Datin, we discuss “Bout Dat!” and his relationship with recent Rapzilla Freshman, Zauntee.


2. Datin’s Encounter With A Freemason Inspires Illuminati Lines In ‘I Won’t Bow’

Summary: Hip-Hop artist and well-respected God Over Money member Datin recently spoke to Rapzilla about some of the themes of his latest project, The Menace MixtapePart one of this article broke down the meaning behind the song “Bout Dat!” and this article will take a deep dive into the conspiracy theories in “I Won’t Bow.”


3. Aaron Cole Says ‘I Ain’t With The Foolery’ When It Comes To CHH Circles

Aaron Cole

Summary: One thing Aaron Cole prides himself in is being himself. He doesn’t look for anyone’s approval and is not trying to look cool. Aaron has a purpose in his motion and is willing to challenge himself to be great.


4. Porn & Lust Cost Lawren More Than A Job, It Almost Took The Life Of His Child


Summary: Lawren has been quiet since the release of his album  Get Your Change in March. However, he’s back with an extremely powerful spoken word piece “Trapped.” The “trapped” Lawren is speaking about here is “porn” and “lust.” And yes, while this territory is well worn, for Lawren, it almost cost him everything.


5. 13-Year-Old Viral Rapper Ray Emmanuel Knows His Rhymes Serve A Purpose

Ray Emmanuel

Summary: Most 13-year-olds spend their summer preparing to enter the new world of high school, for Ray Emmanuel, he’s entering the music industry.


6. 10 UK Christian Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For In 2018

Still Shadey UK Christian Hip Hop

Summary: There is a growing scene of incredible artists across the pond in the UK. For those fans and for everyone else reading, we’ll be taking a look at 10 UK Christian Hip-Hop artists to look out for in 2018.


7. Racist Halloween Costume Sparks Debate At Liberty University; Students & Artists Respond

Liberty University

Summary: On Monday, October 29th, a Liberty University student named Mark Pereira, posted a picture on Instagram of he and another person posing as an ICE agent arresting a Hispanic Immigrant.


8. Interview: Christian Rappers Influenced By The Music Of XXXTentacion And Lil Peep (PART 2)

Summary:  We used XXXTentacion and Lil Peep to compare with Kid Tris and Mogli the Iceburg. Peep and X passed away, and their fan base felt the pain of seeing one of their heroes die. We asked both of them questions about who their music is often compared to – XXXTentacion for Kid Tris and Lil Peep for Mogli the Iceburg.


9. Danny ‘D-Boy’ Rodriguez: The Story Of Christian Hip-Hop’s 1st Martyr

Summary: The date was October 6th, 1990. A gunshot wound and the subsequent car crash took the life of Christian rapper Danny D-Boy Rodriguez. On that day, he became the first martyr of CHH. Now, 28 years later, Rapzilla is going to piece the story together detail by detail.


10. M.C. GeGee: The Story Of Christian Hip-Hop’s 1st Signed Female Rapper

M.C. GeGee

Summary: D-Boy’s sister, Genie Lopez spoke all about her beloved brother’s life and now it’s time to speak on hers. From 1990 through 1997 she was known by the name M.C. GeGee. She wasn’t the first female Christian rapper, but she was the first with a platform. She helped ignite the torch but due to many circumstances couldn’t carry it the whole distance.


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